So What’s Better, Buffer or Hootsuite?

Michelle Forero
3 min readJun 20, 2021

The power of social media management tools and why you need them.

In today’s day in age, we use social media for absolutely everything. We find new restaurants to check out as easily as scrolling through our phones. Social media is feeding us on a daily ranging through all sorts of topics. How is this possible without searching for specific items or topics our phones already know beforehand? It is probably because most brands are using social media management tools wisely. As the world changes around us, technology improves, and we must constantly be flexible and learn all the new possibilities social media is in our favor. A great representation of a brand in social media can quickly increase its audience and bring in new clients. In order to make it easier for brands and companies to keep their clients updated on posts, there are various social media tools that make posting easier, including a scheduling feature. Imagine having to post images and copy across various platforms when you have many clients, it could get confusing but thankfully social media management tools exist. The key to boosting community engagement is being active with social media management tools.

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In order to have successful insights, there are many things a social media manager must study. Social listening is a prime factor when wanting to have high success rates, social listening includes monitoring social media mentions, tracking, analyzing and responding to conversations, and more. Before this, all take place one must study the customer's needs that can help influence content strategy.

A couple of reasons why social media management tools are useful is having everything in one place, being able to see what competitors are doing, simplify content management, control, and monitor campaigns, help ROI, and more.

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Two social media management tools that are popular among social media managers are Hootsuite and Buffer.

Hootsuite is a tool that gives you a variety of options whether it's for small business use or at a larger scale but the base is free. Buffer on the other hand is primarily for large businesses with a bigger cost. Both tools support Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which are the biggest platforms that can reach large audiences. In the end, reach counts but what makes a difference is the engagement when the audience participates in shares, retweets, comments, likes, audience growth, click-throughs, mentions, and using branded hashtags.

Conversations can go a long way verbally and in social media, communication is key and is what makes social media so powerful. Tools are available to use to make the most out of social media. What’s your favorite social media management tool?