Small Space Experts at IKEA: The Success Behind The Campaign

Michelle Forero
3 min readMay 30, 2021

We are almost all familiar with the statement that says “social media is taking over the world.” It is, notice how we are able to gather information instantly with the help of our smartphone devices and the power of social media; technology. We spend an average person spends 145 minutes every day on social media, totaling an average of six years and eight months of their life on social media(Djordjevic, M.) If you put it in context we spend much time glued to our devices, it makes it easier for us to be exposed to not just information but brands as well.

Matter in fact this is great for brands if their social media strategy is aligned with their business strategy in order to create success. Having goals and metrics are key for a brand. Luckily success is able to be measured with different factors, for example, number of followers, likes, conversions and numbers of clicks which are part of the key point indicator which is how you evaluate effectiveness.

As I was researching different social media campaigns I came across one from IKEA. I'm sure many people are aware of IKEA, the Swedish manufacturer, the store which one always gets lost in with lots of furniture of all types across the world. The campaign is makes tiny spaces more practical. The campaign is simple, just like IKEA and overall encourages small-living which incorporates a minimalistic lifestyle.

@billow926 via UNSPLASH

Behind the brand of IKEA is an incredible digital marketing team. The campaign consists of video clips of small spaces demonstrating the possibilities that are able to happen to maximize the space with incredible and simple furniture, which screams IKEA, simplicity. This campaign is a clear reflection of IKEA, the brand itself. IKEA operates globally and takes advantage of all the social media platforms across the countries such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

The fact that the business strategy behind IKEA matches the metrics demonstrates they have the right strategy. When studying the top, middle and bottom of a strategy funnel, otherwise known as attract, engage and convert it overall sums up to loyalty with the brand. People are always shopping at IKEA. I belive the secret behind their strategy comes about with the experience of shopping at IKEA as well as the items being affordable.

In an article written by Huffpost, journalist Brittany Nims, writes that since more people were moving into big cities that meant people moving into smaller spaces which brings people to purchase and see what IKEA has to offer since they have a focus on this issue.

IKEA properly knows how to target their audience. Since the audience knows what IKEA is all about they are able to retain them which creates loyalty. As the consumers engage (possibly new products, new ideas, new ways to decorate their small room) they will continue to come back, purchase and convert into longtime consumers.

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