Give It a Try, There Is Nothing to Lose: Or Is There?

Michelle Forero
4 min readAug 5, 2021

Take a Leap of Faith and Make the Most of Opportunities

Around the year 2000 social media started to change the game, interactions across various social media platforms made it easier for those at a distance to communicate and share thoughts and ideas.

Fast forward a couple of years and social media takes up many hours of our days, from tweeting, to posting on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, the opportunities to share are what seems endless. “Social Media has changed the world.” It is important to keep your eyes wide opened to see what comes next, but don’t rush to be a part of every platform.

Social media is changing on the daily, tips and tricks are constantly being discovered and the algorithm on platforms are bring figured out through various methods. Now a days brands have an advantage when it comes to new and existing customers. Why you may ask? The power of technology and social media. Placing a brand to gain exposure online can make it easier to reach those who may be far, those clicks can eventually turn into customers and this has been proven successful. The advantage here is that social media pays a role in a brand’s marketing strategy, insights, engagement, audience and more. ROI’s calculations can help you distinguish how much a brand has grown over time when it comes to measuring success and increasing leads when it comes to monetary value. Social media Chief Digital officer at rbb Communications put it this way, “Social media provides targeting capability, as well as reach and scale, at a lower cost than almost all other marketing channels.”

Setting goals should always be a priority when engaging in any social media platform. Goals will help any brand be successful by knowing which direction you want to be headed.

But what happens when a new brand comes out and it’s the first time such platform has existed? Do you try it out? I’d say go for it! Ultimately when it comes to social media and it’s marketing you don’t know until you don’t try it out. Shoot your shot, that’s the beauty of social media- you have the chance to learn along the way. There’s a chance to learn and figure our how to use the platform by trying.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

There you have it, attract, engage and convert. Social media platforms are simply a tool that helps you execute your brand but the power is within the actual brand to strategically tell the story.

Being Aware

I believe social media gives a brand the power to put themselves out there. If a brand knows their audience, engages with followers, posts consistently and makes sure your brand keeps the same branding across the board across all platforms trying new platforms will be easy, just know the kind of content that is needed for certain platforms. Being specific on what you plan to do increases the effectiveness of posts.


Thankfully there are tools such as that help measure analytics to see the success of a campaign on those social media platforms. Such analytics can also be measured through user generated content like KPI’s which measure likes, engagement and sharing of content. Making those meaningful interactions are better than passive interactions. With no strategy on new or existing platforms there is low engagement, unsuccessful results, no audience and no added value to content.

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We all know the platform that was used by the younger generation but blew up during the pandemic, guessed right, TikTok. Now a days everyone is on TikTok, ranging from all ages. TikTok has all sorts of videos, not just dancing videos, but Do it Yourself videos, Best Things to Buy off of Amazon, Hacks and much more. This has been a platform that I think will continue to stay popular as quick videos are engaging. Brands are hopping on TikTok and showcasing their products in fun and entertaining ways which draws them to buy the products (ROI- woot woot!)

I am excited to see the direction in which social media and brands take.

The best is yet to come, have an idea of the strategy you want to use and mix it with the powerful tools of social media.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is.” — Scott Cook